Strength wrapped in style

Your custom home, made resilient with BAL-rated standards.

Bespoke homes, tailored for the terrain

In Yarra Valley and Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, Cobalt Constructions tailors each custom home to thrive among the natural beauty while adhering to BAL regulations.

Fire-proof living, custom crafted

Many locations in this region are considered bushfire-prone – consequently, new residential builds are required by law to be constructed in adherence to Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL). This refers to certain specifications based on the severity of the building’s potential exposure to ember attacks, dangerous heat, and direct flame contact.

Fire-proof living, custom crafted

A bespoke home that stands the test of time

At Cobalt Constructions, we have the certifications, equipment, and expertise to help you adhere to BAL requirements while building your dream custom home. Whether you’re dealing with slope challenges or are in a particularly dangerous area, our custom home designs will provide complete peace of mind knowing your home will last generations.

A bespoke home that stands the test of time
You bring the dream. We bring the magic.
Let our experts guide you through every step to create a bespoke home that’s as safe as it is stunning.
Innovative technology for fire-resistant custom homes.

Want the BAL-rated build breakdown?

To learn more about BAL-rated builds, download our free guide, “5 things to consider when building in a BAL 29 area”, or contact our team to discuss your BAL-rated build.

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