Knockdown Rebuilds

Create your dream home on your existing block

Love where you live, but find your existing home isn’t suiting your lifestyle anymore? A knockdown rebuild may be the ideal solution for you. At Cobalt Constructions, we see many of our clients choose a knockdown rebuild over a renovation or moving elsewhere, as there are so many benefits to building on your existing land. Here are just a few!

Location, Location, Location

When you’re attached to where you live, it can be near-impossible to leave. A knockdown rebuild means you don’t have to. You can remain in your neighbourhood, keep your kids at the same school and continue to live in the area where so many memories have been forged. A knockdown rebuild gives you the opportunity to build an exceptional new home and remain connected with your local community.

It also eliminates the stress of finding a new plot of land, as finding vacant blocks in premium locations can be difficult. A knockdown rebuild removes this added complication.

Add Value

Renovations and home extensions can be costly and limiting. They can be priced in the hundreds of thousands and your options remain restricted to your home’s existing structure. When you opt for a knockdown rebuild, you’ll be able to design and build with boundless possibilities. Rebuilding on existing land will also mean you avoid the costs associated with buying, selling and moving.

Complete Freedom

Knocking down and rebuilding on your existing property means you can design a completely custom home, as you’re not encumbered by an existing structure. Whether you’re looking to build an open-plan home, or a classic Victorian-style residence, a knockdown rebuild allows you the freedom to run wild with your design choices.

Make the most of your existing land. Get in touch with the team at Cobalt Constructions today to find out how we can knockdown your existing residence and craft the home of your dreams.

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