Eco-Friendly Homes

Eco-friendly homes refer to properties that are both low-maintenance and have a low-impact on the environment. They prioritise sustainability and are built using durable and recycled materials that aim to minimise your carbon footprint.

Making new homes sustainable and environmentally friendly is more important than ever, as studies show one fifth of greenhouse gases in Australia are generated from domestic households.

An eco-friendly home achieves a low environmental impact while providing optimal comfort by:


Positioning homes around natural sunlight

Using solar power
Opting for temperature-stabilising materials
Using recycled and/or sustainable materials
Designing based on the surrounding environment and climate

If you decide to go green, you’ll enjoy enhanced indoor air quality and smaller energy bills. You’ll also save water and lessen your exposure to toxic materials. The move towards eco-friendly building won’t only benefit you and your family’s wellbeing, building with the environment in mind will also help your local community by lessening the strain on essential resources like water and energy.

Passive House vs Eco-Friendly Homes

Passive House vs Eco-Friendly Homes

If you’re looking for specific and structured guidelines on how to lessen your environmental impact, a Passive House may be preferred, as you’ll be working to tried and tested design principles.

While Passive House is the gold standard in eco-design and living, the strict guidelines and principles required for a Passive House certification can be costly and restrictive. By incorporating energy efficient elements in the design and construction of your new home, you can build an eco-friendly home to achieve many of the environmental benefits of a Passive House at a fraction of the cost.

Cobalt Constructions has partnered with local designers and architects who specialise in eco-friendly designs, to create sustainable, comfortable and high-quality homes for clients across the Yarra Valley and Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs.

Together, we work with you to design and construct eco-friendly homes that take full advantage of a range of solutions – from solar panels and rain-water tanks, to insulated windows and skylights.

If you’re looking to make your next home eco-friendly, get in touch with the team at Cobalt Constructions today.

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