A Bespoke Build: Demystifying What It Means to Build a Unique Home

In your search for a new home, there are several routes available in the quest for the perfect property: buy an existing house, renovate the one you have, knockdown-rebuild, buy off the plan or build a custom home from scratch.

For those in search of their forever home, a bespoke build is the ultimate dream. This means the home is designed exactly to your specifications, from the layout and architecture to the fixtures and fittings. Unlike homes created from pre-drawn house plans, there’s no risk of any other house on the street looking exactly the same as yours – instead, it will be a true representation of your unique character. From concept to completion, you’ll be in complete control of every element – from the floor plan to the quality of the finishes.

The difference between ‘customising’ and true custom

It’s important to understand the difference between ‘customising’ and a true custom home. Some builders offer the option to select a house layout off the plan and customise certain elements, such as cupboard doors and fixtures, or the façade of the house. While this is a cost-effective approach that can work perfectly well for some people, it doesn’t offer the incredible potential of a truly bespoke home.

When customising a home, what you are allowed to change is limited and you’ll be restricted to a set floorplan, taking away your ability to adapt the design to suit your block of land or meet your family’s specific needs.

When designing a bespoke home, you can capitalise on your unique views with plenty of windows, position the home to make the most of a sloping block, and you even have freedom over room sizing and adding additional living spaces for your growing family.

You can create a home built around your lifestyle

When you’re designing a home yourself, you can tailor it to your lifestyle – and the options are truly endless. Consider yourself an entertainer? Why not install a built-in wine cellar and an outdoor kitchen to host your guests? If you’re looking to bring the fun of the beach to your home, you could install a swimming pool and pool house for the family to enjoy. If you love exercising and have a large amount of sports equipment, a home gym complete with a sauna might be a great investment.

You also have complete freedom in design, so you can make bold interior choices to make the property truly unique. At a project we recently completed in Olinda, we installed a nine-metre-long feature pond, which became a key feature of the house (you can discover more about it here). With a bespoke build, you can make the fittings and fixtures as bold and luxurious as you wish – you aren’t limited to the pre-selected options of a volume home package, so the level of quality you can achieve is significantly higher.

Make it work for you

A bespoke building service allows you to create a home that’s not just suited to your needs right now but is also flexible enough to evolve with you. Future-proofing your new home guarantees timelessness and comfort no matter what stage of life you may be at – whether you’re expanding your family or moving into your retirement years. You might also like to think about how to make your home more sustainable, through passive design, environmentally friendly products and solar power. Building sustainably could both save you money in the future and reduce your carbon footprint as a family.

Although designing and building a custom home may seem like a daunting task, with endless options available for floorplans, facades, fixtures and fittings, teaming up with a builder who offers design and construct services will streamline the process. By engaging experienced professionals to guide you through transforming your new home ideas into tangible house plans, you can be confident your new home adventure will be a success.

Whether you are looking to build a bespoke, boutique, or truly custom home, the team at Cobalt Constructions can help you design and build your forever home.

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