Energy Efficient Homes: Keep Your Home Warm During Winter

An energy efficient home has many benefits and ensures you are comfortable all year round, without bills skyrocketing or your emissions increasing. Most of your energy usage comes from heating and cooling your home, so it’s good to know that there are a number of things you can do to keep your bills in check, lower your emissions and keep your family cosy all winter long.

1. Appliances

Whichever way you choose to heat your home, ensure the appliances you select are energy efficient and right for you. Take into consideration the size of the rooms you are heating, the climate you live in, the energy rating they have been given, and the cost required to run them. Making an informed decision based on these factors can play a huge role in your home’s energy efficiency and the reduction of your energy bills.

2. Insulation

Insulating your walls and roof can help retain warmth inside your home during the cooler months by providing resistance to heat flow. Without proper insulation, the heat generated will naturally rise and flow out of your home, requiring your heating system to run continually and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Regardless of whether your heat source is electric, gas or a classic wood fire, with the right insulation the natural flow and movement of heat decreases. This allows the heat to be contained within your room or home, rather than escaping through the roof, walls and floor. There are multiple options, each with different thermal ratings, from batts and blankets, to reflective insulation systems that you can choose from. Ask your builder which option is best suited to your home and the results you’re looking to achieve.

3. Draught sealing

It’s common for hot air to escape through cracks and gaps in your home, which is why draught sealing can be so effective at ensuring your home is energy efficient. There are two ways hot air can escape: 

  • through cracks or openings between stationary components of your house, like door frames and penetrations for electric wiring,
  • or through moveable seals, like doors and operable windows.

Speak with your builder to find out what solutions would be the most appropriate for your home, ensure durability and maintain functionality.

4. Double-glazed windows and doors

Much like cracks and gaps, windows can be sources for air leaks. In fact, you can lose up to forty per cent of your heating through a closed window alone. Double and even triple glazed options are available for most windows, hinged and bi-fold doors, sliding doors and skylights. While there are a multitude of variations, all with their own unique features and ratings, it’s best to consult with your builder to determine your needs, based on your home’s location and orientation. For example, if your home is north-facing and your walls and windows capture the winter sun, it’s likely you’ll only require double-glazed options due to the additional natural warmth.

Committed to sustainability

At Cobalt Constructions, we’re specialists in building eco-friendly homes – that means finding the right solutions for you that have a positive environmental impact and are also low maintenance. Alongside the above factors, we look at how we can optimise your home’s energy efficiency by utilising temperature-stabilising materials, recycled and sustainable components, solar power and working with the orientation or position of your home to harness the benefits of natural sunlight.

To learn more about our eco-friendly practices, or to explore your energy efficiency options, contact us today.

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