Forecasting Design Trends for 2023

With the year coming to a close, we have your Summer holiday dreaming covered! At Cobalt Constructions we’ve looked into the future trends for 2023 and the movement is firmly towards sustainability, luxury, and having both. Get inspired by the latest trends and start planning your dream home today.

Future-forward design

More and more, sustainability is becoming a marker of intelligent, future-forward design in the construction industry. Built with the future in mind, Cobalt Constructions are leading the way with our environmentally friendly homes. Whether you opt for a Passive or an eco-friendly home, we have top quality options for every household.

Sustainable design and build principles are going to dominate home building trends in 2023, and as industries all over the world begin switching to energy efficient, low-carbon design methods, why not get a head start?

If you aren’t already familiar with the term, ‘Passive House’ is a design target that minimises the need for heating/cooling by ensuring airtight insulation, ventilation and window installation. As proud members of the Australian Passive House Association, we are avidly at the forefront of the Passive House movement in Australia, delivering industry-leading building practices for our client’s homes. In fact, passive house buildings are so effective that they can result in 90% less heating and cooling energy compared to regular homes.

Energy efficient standards increasing

It’s a good thing that the team at Cobalt Constructions take an innovative, ambitious approach to our sustainable design and build service, because in 2023 the rest of Australia will be forced to catch up. According to the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS), the rating requirement for homes, apartments and renovations will soon increase from 6 to 7 stars (out of 10). These changes include an assessment of appliances and materials such as water heating and cooling, energy storage systems, cooking appliances, and more.

Consider how your home will reach or exceed the energy star rating early in your home design journey to minimise any future redesign costs.

Eco-friendly living

Part of building bespoke homes and offering comprehensive, specialist services means considering the long term outcome of each project. Thanks to our highly-qualified tradespeople and construction professionals, each and every detail found in Cobalt Constructions’ bespoke homes is intentional.

Some of these carefully considered touches include the use of low VOC paints (meaning less emissions, no bad smells, and being better for the environment), recycled timber, rammed earth walls and implementing sustainable building practices (to reduce waste). While some builders might neglect these essential components in favour of a quicker turnaround, we want to deliver the absolute best for our clients, while at the same time honouring their budget and timeline.

Luxury home tech inclusions

We consider smart technology an integral part of the modern, energy efficient home. Integrating smart switches so that you can switch off all your lights from one device, dim them to your liking, or automate them so that they switch off as soon as you step out the door – is a simple energy saving advancement that we recommend considering for your new home.

The same logic can be applied to heating and cooling, targeting certain areas in the home rather than wasting energy on rooms that aren’t occupied, or setting detailed schedules to keep your home comfortable all year round.

Add the lux factor with an automated home theatre setup, garden watering systems, pool/spa maintenance systems, internet connected appliances, to find more time to enjoy your new home.

Future-proofing your home

Flexible working options have given rise to the need for homes to be designed with multi-function spaces. When planning your home, consider floorplans that maximise on available floor space and facilitate your family’s evolving needs.

Consider having your home office share the same floor space as your home gym, where you have a dedicated workspace from 9-5 and enough space for your workouts afterwards.

Future-proofing your home design is essential if you are planning this as your forever home. Contemplate how your family will use the home over the years:

  • Will your kids need extra space to study or park?
  • Will you need level-entry access to the home or shower in your senior years?
  • Will you need multiple living spaces to facilitate the way you relax and entertain?

Outdoor living 

When done right, a verandah, patio, alfresco or sunroom can act as an extension of the home, providing sunlight and scenery, as well as a location in which to escape to, entertain and open up your space.

As Melbournians are spending more time at home than ever before, creating the perfect space to host dinner parties or enjoying some alone time, it’s essential to consider your outdoor living space early on in the design process.

Envisage how you will spend your time, how you will access the space, whether you want to enlarge your living space by adding sliding or bi-fold doors to fully open up the connecting areas. For summer you might want to invest in ceiling fans to increase airflow and reduce mosquitos, or select a bare-foot-friendly decking surface to keep the little ones happy outside.

For winter nights you might want to invest in a fire pit, outdoor heater and additional lighting to maximise your enjoyment.

If you’re inspired to begin your home building journey, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with Cobalt Constructions today.

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