Should I Renovate, Extend or Build New?

There comes a time for most homeowners when the house they are in no longer suits their needs. It may be that space is the issue, the decor is outdated or that priorities have changed. 

If you’re currently finding yourself in this situation, it can be hard to know where to start. Would a renovation or extension do the trick, or do you need to start from scratch with a new build?

At Cobalt Constructions, we can help you make the right decision and oversee the entire project, whether you decide to renovate, extend or build new. Below, we take a look at the pros and cons of each option to help you get started.


There are many reasons you may not want to leave your current home. It could be the sentimental attachment to your home, the perfect neighbours, or a strong desire to stay in the area you’ve always known. 

Major renovations are often the most expensive option, particularly if structural changes are required. When you are working within the confines of the home’s existing layout and condition, options are limited by load-bearing walls, the roof structure, and foundations.

You will also need to consider where you will live while the renovation is carried out. If works are extensive, you may need to move in with family or friends for a few months or consider paying for temporary accommodation. 

The upside to renovating is that you ultimately remain at the same address, resulting in less disruptions for family members, such as moving kids to a new school, job hunting and leaving loved ones behind. 

If your home simply needs a refresh, renovating could be the best option for you. You retain all the history and charm of your current home while giving it the update it needs to ensure you’ll be happy there for many years to come.


Similarly, an extension can be a great way to keep the home you love while ensuring it’s able to meet your current and future needs. 

Whether you have decided to work from home permanently and require a home office or you are making space for your growing family, an extension could tick all the boxes. 

You will need to consider whether there are any restrictions in place and any permissions you need to gain from Council before starting. You will also need to decide whether building up or out is more practical for you. If yard space is limited, building up is a great option and helps you retain the outdoor space you have. Extending upwards is generally a more expensive option than extending out, due to the additional structural elements.

Building new

Starting fresh is exciting and building your dream home from scratch means you can ensure it’s exactly what you want and need. Building new is arguably the most flexible option too, as you could either knock-down your current house and rebuild in its place or opt for building on a plot of land in a completely new area.

When designing a new home, you will have access to an architect or designer, to assist you in transforming all of your home design ideas into ready-to-build plans. If you’ve always wanted a balcony, double garage or large kitchen, now is the time to make it happen.

Building new is also the best time to consider making your home eco-friendly or incorporating home technology. Considering these elements at the design stage will enable you to reduce your impact on the environment and additional costs associated with retrofitting once the build is complete.

Depending on whether you choose to knock-down rebuild, or build on a clear block, you will need to consider the costs involved, whether demolition and site preparation costs, or property purchase and stamp duty.

Whichever option you consider, it is a good idea to discuss your plans with a building specialist like Cobalt Constructions early on, to ensure your budget and ambitions are achievable.

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