Sustainable, Custom Home Design Trends We Love Right Now!

As we look to reduce our environmental impact as humans, off-grid, eco, passive and other sustainable home design features are becoming increasingly popular. These building practices bring many features and benefits to homeowners, in the satisfaction of knowing your construction had less toll on the natural landscape while experiencing a better quality of life and reduced energy and water bill savings once living there. 

As more people become aware of the short and long-term benefits of sustainable living, even in the suburbs, the demand for these homes will continue to grow. Let’s explore the cutting-edge concepts and practices shaping the future of bespoke homes and luxury living.

Green Roofs and Living Walls

Green roofs and living walls are two sustainable building practices becoming increasingly popular. The Green Roofs are covered with vegetation while living walls are vertical surfaces covered with plants that bring nature’s essence and air purification indoors. 

This exciting building practice offers homes:

  • Improved insulation
  • Reduced stormwater runoff (to help prevent flooding)
  • Improved air quality by absorbing pollutants
  • Biodiverse habitat for birds, insects, and other wildlife
  • Unique features that increase property value.

Sustainable materials

With the growing demand for sustainable homes, sustainable and recycled materials are increasingly available, meaning more choice and better pricing for our clients. 

Recycled materials are spared from landfills. Using recycled concrete, steel, and wood also means reduced extraction and production of raw materials and pollution and land damage from these processes.

Natural stone, wood, and bamboo not only look immaculate and timeless, but they also improve indoor air quality and reduce the need for energy-intensive cooling and heating systems.

VOC, or volatile organic compounds in paints, seep into the air, so we use low-VOC products and finishes. Energy-efficient appliances and water-saving fixtures are on the must-have list to reduce the home’s energy consumption and save you money on energy bills.

Passive house design

A passive home just sounds peaceful and inviting, doesn’t it? Passive home design is a holistic approach to building that uses the natural environment to heat and cool homes. They provide a comfortable and healthy living environment while reducing energy consumption and, therefore, your carbon footprint.

Passive home design is an outstanding option to consider for anyone building a new home. The key features of passive home design:

  • Oriented to take advantage of the sun’s heat.
  • Well-insulated to keep extreme temperatures out
  • Designed to allow for natural ventilation.
  • Airtightness to prevent heat loss.
  • Built with energy-efficient and sustainable materials.

Smart home technology and energy-efficient lighting

Walk in each day to optimised temperatures, lighting and security with smart home technologies — remotely or autonomously operated devices and systems that can activate all of these from your device. 

Smart home technology and energy-efficient lighting reduce energy consumption and increase comfort, convenience and cost savings to homeowners. 

Indoor/outdoor connectivity

Green rooves and living walls, passive design, natural and recycled materials, smart home technology and energy-efficient lighting elements combine to create a space that feels genuinely connected to the outdoors you can comfortably enjoy year-round. Strategically designed outdoor living spaces, such as patios, decks, and porches, extend the indoors to integrate the stunning landscape into your home.

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