Why It Pays To Choose Design and Construct

There are many important choices you’ll have to make when embarking on the exciting decision to build your dream home, none more important than selecting the process in which your home comes to life.

One of the first things to decide is if you’d prefer to directly engage a draftsman or architect to draw up the plans for your home, or if you’d prefer to engage a builder who offers a Design and Construct service, meaning they can look after your entire project from start to finish.

Design & Construct has become an increasingly popular option for those looking to streamline their home building process. From having a single team overseeing the entire build, to budget savings and a superior result, there are many benefits to selecting this service.

Keep reading to discover how selecting a Design & Construct builder can guarantee a smoother, stress-free build from start to finish.

What is Design and Construct?

A Design & Construct service means you’ll be working with the same team from concept to completion. This team will handle all facets of the design and build in-house, assisting you to obtain all the relevant reports, permits and drawings to transform your new home ideas into buildable plans.

You can rely on the team to ascertain the features and constraints of your property, prepare accurate plans and work with the local council on permit approvals, meaning all you need to do is engage a reputable team that you trust.

Budget Control

Arguably the biggest benefit of using a Design & Construct builder is that your budget will be established and understood from the very beginning of your project, reducing the likelihood of unexpected costs popping up along the way.

Instead of paying an architect to have the plans for your home drawn up and then approaching a builder to discuss how much the plans will cost to build, you’ll be working with a team that has a thorough understanding of the cost breakdown of labour and materials, which they can factor into the budget you’ve established from the outset.


In addition to a more streamlined process overall, choosing a builder that offers a Design & Construct service means they will be accountable for any issues that arise.

While it’s any homebuilder’s dream to avoid complications all together, sometimes issues do arise, but having engaged a Design & Construct builder, you can feel confident that these issues will be dealt with promptly and without miscommunication.

Having a single point of contact for your home build is a huge benefit, as it removes the need for you to act as a middleman between parties, ultimately reducing potential stress, misunderstandings and complications in the long run.

Having a builder involved in the design process will also ensure that any potential construction issues caused by design errors, are realised and rectified before any costly re-design or re-work is required.

Faster Results

Having a single team look after your project from start to finish will create increased time efficiency, as you can skip the hassle of meeting with or waiting for responses from multiple parties, being your engineer, draftsman or architect, surveyor and builder.

With all this back and forth minimised and the hassle of multiple parties working around each other removed, there will be minimal disruptions to the timelines of your new home project.

When you Design & Construct with Cobalt Constructions, you’ll save time, money and achieve a seamless, stress-free build. Get in touch with us today!

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