Top Dream Home Design Trends for 2024

While the vision of a suburban dream home nestled in a cul-de-sac of identical facades held its charm for generations, the tide is turning to more nature-loving, individuality and security to fit our flexible lifestyles.

There is now a big shift towards eco dream homes where unique and inspiring life stories can be written. We want to wake up to birdsongs and breeze, not sirens and street cleaners. We want energy-efficient havens that have minimal environmental impact to build. All in a space designed for yoga practice, children’s play and working from home.

Life-Changing Custom Home Automation and Technology

Home automation and technology are taking off in 2024, which can greatly enhance your family’s comfort, security, and sustainability while adding a futuristic wow factor to your dream home.

Comfort at your fingertips can look like:

  • Personalised, pre-programmed lighting scenes for different moods and activities, from a bright workspace to a cozy movie night ambience.
  • Climate control on demand by adjusting your thermostat remotely or setting automated schedules for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Entertainment in streaming music or movies throughout your home that’s controlled by voice commands or a user-friendly app.

Security and Peace of Mind

  • Keyless entry via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or even fingerprints
  • Monitor your home cameras remotely and receive alerts of any suspicious activity
  • With sensor detection throughout the home, get notified of issues like water leaks or smoke alarms
  • Connect your smart home devices to a central system for seamless control and comprehensive protection.

Sustainability Made Easy

  • Track your energy consumption in real-time and make informed decisions to reduce your usage
  • Optimise your watering schedule based on weather conditions and soil moisture
  • Automated blinds and skylights can maximise natural light, reducing reliance on electricity-based lighting.

Recycled, Reclaimed and Low-Tox Materials

As custom home builders, we’re also noticing how more of you want to create a low-impact build and low-tox living environment through materials that matter and design techniques that transform.

A pleasing trend is the increased demand for breathing new life into old treasures through upcycled wood, salvaged brick, and repurposed glass to add character and reduce reliance on raw resources. A kitchen backsplash made from multi-coloured stained glass or a rustic fireplace from salvaged barn wood is some food for thought.

Bamboo and cork are popular and fast-growing resources offering durability, natural aesthetic, excellent insulation and noise reduction – perfect for a reading nook or sun-drenched kitchen-living area. When set alongside natural stone accents, unpolished metals, large windows and skylights, and reflective surfaces, they effortlessly blend the internal and external.

Low-tox materials, finishes, and products such as paints, adhesives, sealants, carpets, furniture, and even cleaning products are also in more demand to reduce the harmful chemicals that impact indoor air quality and potentially contribute to health issues like asthma, allergies, and even cancer.

Custom Build Homes Are The Way To Go

More and more people are taking the time to design a passive home where building orientation, insulation, and ventilation work together to keep the home naturally warm in winter and cool in summer to save money and reduce energy use.

Other brag-worthy features taking off are lush gardens watered with recycled grey water, rainwater harvesting systems and luxurious showerheads that deliver perfect pressure without guzzling gallons. Rooftop gardens bursting with seasonal vegetables and living walls adding greenery, insulation and improved air quality to your internal space are other cool trends gaining traction.

Your Custom Home In the Yarra Valley Awaits

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